Want a free guide on how to take a creative photo walk?

Inside and outside, by yourself or with your family, photo walks are a great way to see familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. Photo walks are relaxing, fun and creative! Download the free guide with over 48 prompts for your photo walk. There's also a few iPhone shooting tips inside.

If your life feels like one big, never-ending laundry list of to-do items, it's time to create something different.

Check out my online creativity classes (The Life Feast course), one-on-one coaching (business and life coaching), or join me for creativity workshops and retreats in my sunny studio in Colorado. 


The Life Feast is a 7-week online creative experience where you will savor, swoon and sincerely fall in love with life's little moments. You'll use photography, a smidge of mindfulness  (no experience necessary).


I work with clients who want to make achieving their wild and crazy dreams a reality. Head over here to book a mini session to hear how the tools I use can create a life you don't need a vacation from. 


I offer retreats and workshops in my bright and airy Steamboat Springs, Colorado studio. It's the perfect place to flex your creativity along with life skills to help you flourish. Details on current offerings at my studio are here.


I'm a photographer/writer/creativity leader and coach. I'm the creator of The Life Feast online course, #gratitudegravy and the Right Brain Resolution Revolution.

I'm also the mother of identical twin girls, chauffeur and manager of their overbooked schedules, wife to an adorable guy who had 6 not-so-adorable orthopaedic surgeries (while aforementioned twins were tiny) and the former owner of a 200-seat restaurant/bar/nightclub (which is code for I was a stressed-out basket case for a number of years before deciding that I wanted needed to do life differently).

my story

"Just listened to your last 2 classes, Lizzie. Just wanted to tell you - I LOVED them! You are a great teacher of creativity and positive psychology. I'm so inspired right now."


"Lizzie, you have a great ability to direct and focus conversations and you know how to approach topics that are uncomfortable in a way that allowed me to think objectively through the issues. I am so appreciative that you were able to help me get back in touch with those things that really bring me joy. "


"Working with Lizzie makes me feel like I'm getting a pep talk and bear hug all in one and I love it! "


"Whatever it is you want to do, wherever you want to go, Lizzie can take you there! You will be so glad she is along for the ride."


"You showed me how to accept and embrace who I am, Thank you, Lizzie!!!!! It has been a total transformation this huge weight has been lifted and I can just be me! I just ran into someone i used to work with and they told me how they couldn't believe how good I looked and I said, I am happy! "


"Thank you for teaching these creativity classes, Lizzie. I got so much out of them! "


"Brilliant, Devoted, Creative, Interesting, Thoughtful, Wise, Patient, Funny, Invested, Spectacular. These are just a FEW adjectives to describe what Lizzie is like to work with. Lizzie has an abundance of patience, unique and interesting ideas and an uncanny ability to drill down to the core of who you really are."



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